7:30 or Bagels

My first corporate job selling was geared all around programming a winning routine.  We had several traditions that extended well beyond our office and was fully engrained in the culture and self policed by the rank and file.

One of the most memorable ones was 7:30AM or Bagels. Everyone was required to be in the office and working by 7:30AM sharp, no excuses. We started the day and ended the day in the office, the premise is in order to win you have to show up on time and get on the field and play.

There were many who always got in early without fail and had a jump on the others. Great sales people always get up early, if you are not already up and running by 5AM you will be chasing the other GOATs who are already well down the road.

For entertainment, we would often hover around at the entrance at 7:28AM with watches in hand to see who was going to be late and as a result –  buy bagels for the whole office! Looking back I think we had a few potential stars for the movie “Fast and Furious” as people were drifting their cars into a parking spot and then full on sprinting to the door to try and beat the buzzer.

I find when we get up early, there is time to gather thoughts and the ability to set the tone for the day. When we are sprinting last minute just to barely make it on time we set up ourself for a lot of unnecessary stress.

Here are the takeaways:

  1. Early birds do get the worm (and salespeople get the deals), winners start their days earlier than the rest – 5AM is good best practice
  2. Plan your day the night before – what you are going to wear, what you are going to do, write everything down so it isn’t racing through your head while you are trying to get a good night rest.
  3. Enjoy corporate traditions and culture – even if they are a bit crazy, they are there for a reason and designed to help build good habits and winners.

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Good Selling,





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