Fear Not

Fear can be an amazing motivator especially if the energy is channeled properly into quality action. For the most part, as salespeople a little fear goes a long way to upticking the tempo and getting us to do things we might otherwise not be so comfortable doing.

In my first real sales gig we had a rather unusual tradition of helping people get comfortable in their own skin. I was a newbie with the company and along with that meant getting thrown into several of these uncomfortable situations. Memorizing the “corporate value prop and pitch” is par for the course for the majority of companies. We definitely took it a step further…

Once we got handed down all of our training, all new hires had to get up and stand on top of their desk bright and early in front of the entire sales bull pen and recite the company pledge to perfection- word for word. If things were going too smooth or even not that smooth, it was not uncommon for objects (mostly balls of paper) to come flying at you from various directions.  Needless to say, your mind quickly veered off from being afraid to just focusing on your lines and not getting pelted in the process. Until you had it down without a hitch we just kept at it over the days and weeks to follow. As cruel as it may sound, in hindsight it was fun and quite frankly a right of passage.

My takeaways on fear and managing it:

  1. Everyone hates rejection and getting a “No”, take it as a challenge and not something to be afraid of.
  2. Practice makes perfect, even the best of the pro’s can get the jitters and be afraid. It is your time invested in practice that will allow you to harness the confidence needed to get the job done when the real money is on the line.
  3. Fear of failure is a great motivator… no one likes to fail but understand you will learn the most from your failures.

I honestly dreaded getting up on that desk but at the end of day I am so glad I did it. Stare fear in the eyes and make it happen – everyday!

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Good Selling,


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