Blocking out the Sun

For many of us the weekend is our opportunity to catch up on life and chip away at the personal to do list which often gets put on the back burner. This weekend was no different for me with a laundry list of things I needed to get done. I spent time running errands, dropping the rental off at the airport, retrieving my car from my office, working out, rebuilding my salt water reef tank (which had a total melt down while I was on vacation) – a sore subject and story for another day, and most importantly celebrating my mom’s 79th birthday with a fantastic dinner earlier this evening. All in all, I did the best I could but still wishing for a 3 day weekend.

The hype of the Solar Eclipse I’m sure will surpass all expectations when it comes to a head tomorrow afternoon. We are joining the hoopla and proactively bought the approved eye wear and prepped the kids on what to expect with a few YouTube videos in Astronomy 101. I have to say all of this pre-work led to greater confusion and concern than if we would have just covered it with them in real time. The comments about people going blind (even our pet dog and tortoises) definitely triggered an onslaught of imaginative thoughts which landed the kids in our bed this evening.

Doing the bedtime reading with my son he reminded me of a valuable life and work lesson: Don’t let anything block out the sun for you on the important stuff.

The start of the school season in one sense brought a sigh of relief in returning to a normal schedule yet on another hand ignites a whole different kind of stress. I did my part today and helped out my 2nd grader and kindergartner with homework which I am sure would have been a good instructional video for how not to do it.

Multi-tasking,  makes us totally ineffective! If it is important, focus on it and get it done right! It wasn’t until I was totally relaxed and purely focused on my son doing the bedtime reading that we had a great time  and amazing quality time together. What a contrast to the homework nightmare episode earlier in the afternoon. My son closed the night with saying that I am the best dad ever and that he loved me.  Must be the salesperson in me which always tells me I can do better, but I definitely cherished the moment.

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