Summer break was more like a heart break for me. I finally have the stomach to share with you all what happened!

While enjoying time in Europe I received a extremely disappointing phone call. To preface… One of my hobbies is my reef tank, I have had it for the past 15+ years – it was beautiful. Definitely one of those hobbies requires a ton of time, money and patience- not to mention it is a delicate balancing act… any mistakes can be catastrophic!

I went through extra lengths to ensure my home was cared for during the 3 week trek. Flew in a relative of my wife to care for things (taking care of the home was secondary, my only real ask was to keep my fish, coral, and other pets alive).

Murphy’s law hit us hard… Unfortunately, there was a power outage because of weather and my A/C unit went out. The power eventually came back online but the breaker needed to be reset for the A/C unit to start up again. The person caring for my home innocently didn’t understand that my tank temperature was maintained by keeping my house between 72-74 degrees at all times. Not realizing this, he didn’t think it was critical to share this info right away.  After a few days my tank became a prime example of what happens in Global Warming! The house went to 90 degrees + (and so did the tank) resulting in a total bleaching / meltdown. Everything in it – DEAD! Correction – I had one fish survive the apocalypse – an Engineer Goby. Leave it to the engineer to figure out how to make it through the disaster! I had to post a link to Wikipedia since he is still not coming out for photos or interviews – lol!

I like to tie everything back to sales, so here are my takeaways:

  1. Always hire people that are qualified, just because you pay someone or get a better deal by enlisting family, doesn’t mean they know how to do the job. A bad hire can cost your Company millions, in this case while not as expensive, the lesson was learned.
  2. When disaster strikes… rebuild – no  matter what! That is what we do! Never be afraid to rebuild your team and come back stronger – Sales leaders are always dealing with promotions, retirements, reassignments, terminations or resignations. Applies to work and same applies to life… we always have to fight and keep coming back!
  3. Always stay positive, life is full of peaks and valleys.  Keep an even keel and make the most out of each day. Don’t let others control your weather system!

It was tough, but I made the decision to rebuild my tank – which is now completed. Here’s to starting over again! The fish are still camera shy but these are some of my new additions to the family.

Our thoughts and prayers for the people of Houston, rebuilding will be tough but as a “United” States we will get through it.

With Hurricane Irma currently bearing down on the Caribbean and the U.S. please support those in harms way by being nice, lending a neighborly hand and offering some kinds words of support.

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Good Selling,


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