Paddle faster

Is it just me or is the pace of life that much quicker?

When you are young it often seems that life can’t go fast enough… Can’t wait to finish school, can’t wait to get that real job, can’t wait to have my own … you fill in the blanks!

I used to believe the truth surrounding this thought was bestowed solely upon people with kids and in fast paced jobs. I recognize now that we are all just much busier – period.

A couple of tips I feel are worth mentioning on how best to not only stay above water but actually enjoy the ride.

  1. Eliminate the noise – too often we are surrounded by negative or less than productive people in our lives or we inundate ourselves with a lot of negative info from the news and social media i.e. Facebook and the like… so be careful. If you are not learning something of value- turn it (or them) off or put it down!
  2. If something doesn’t add value – get rid of it. This includes friendships, business acquaintances, and the list goes on. You have to unemotionally treat the perceived value like a stock… Some are going higher and you hang onto it and some you need to honestly just punt.
  3. Have a plan and execute on it quickly. Don’t strive for perfection all the time, it will  limit what you can get done. Not saying do things wrong or without quality, strive to eliminate waste and make good assumptions – then get it done.
  4. Spend the proper time in developing your plan, without one and your life is rudderless. I have yet to meet a highly successful person without a good plan and well defined goals.
  5. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. There are people that like to remind you about what they do on a daily basis, don’t be that person. Just get it done and move on, be a person of action. Lead by example, follow and learn from the best, or get out the way and don’t be a hinderance.

I have been chasing one of my reps for status on a deal that was in commit for the quarter. Kept getting back the same response… waiting on the client, he hasn’t gotten back to me, there is a lot that needs to be figured out, I need to get so and so on board before we go higher up etc… Reached the point where I finally got tired of the excuses and I just picked up the phone myself and called the VP directly.  To get things done right and quickly you must work with the right people. Executives have a sense of urgency and have accountability to get things done right and fast if not jobs are lost.

We live in a world that is driven by an ever increasing amount of information and velocity around it. How we do business is changing rapidly, transform and work smarter or you will get left in the dust. What are some of the ways you stay out in front?

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Good Selling,


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