That time of year… 2018 New Years Resolution!

I am a big believer that if you actually plan for something you can make just about anything happen. Without putting pen to paper it is really just a thought. By forcing yourself to write it down is the first step in taking action and making progress.

For many years I was very consistent in doing a New Years resolution.  Admittedly, I dropped doing it for a few years when I first had kids because I felt at times I was just barely keeping it on the rails. That in itself should have been my formally written goal.

I find that if you don’t force yourself through the process, the crisis of the day will eventually take over and you will find yourself running down the rabbit hole. When I abandoned the tradition I felt at times rudderless and just going through the motions.

At any rate, I have been back to do it again for a few years and here is how I go about it.

Step 1: This should be easy, but getting started is actually the hardest – break out a pen and paper or sit down and get ready to type on your computer. Make sure you can access this document easily and often (daily). I embed my goals/resolution into my personal financial statement and workout log… forces me to look at it daily.

Step 2: Can be hard – find some quiet time to be able think without any distractions. Trying to do this with kids going bonkers or other distractions is a non starter.

Step 3: Now let it flow – Visualize what you are going to get done in 2018 and what would make it an awesome year…  write it all down!

My recommendation always is to make sure you aim for balance in your life. Write down in order of priority what matters most to you and create formal categories for your goals.


  • Health / Fitness
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Career
  • Financial
  • Community
  • Self
  • other …

Set due dates… Kind of like a sales forecast, don’t put it at the end of the quarter and/ or year!

Also acknowledge any dependancies or support you will need from others to make it happen.  Finally, create a status column to write down your progress.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful. What is most important is doing what is right and works for you! If you have any other great ideas that work, please share in the comments.

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Here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2018 for all!


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